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How to Collaborate With Others in Pro Tools Using Gobbler

This week we will look at Gobbler, a "Cloud" based application that allows for collaborative workflow as well as media and session sharing to anybody in your email list. Let’s see how it works and how it can help you to collaborate with others and maximize our creativity with Pro Tools sessions or other forms of Multi-media.

What is Gobbler?


Gobbler is third-party online cloud service application that allows you to backup and transfer any media project with no file size restriction. You can start with free 5Gb or select a monthly subscription plan. You can send, organize and back up your projects fast and secure within the cloud with no file limitation. You can send files in different ways; it can send a session file or individual audio files or send a full project. The best part is that you can access your files anywhere, at any time.

How is Gobbler different from the other?


There are similar applications out in the market but the one key factor that makes Gobbler unique is it’s integration with most popular music applications, including; Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton live, Reason and other DAWs. In addition to DAW integration, Gobbler is also fully compatible with Soundcloud. While it give you the ability to transfer large files, the real power lies in it's integration with your DAW session and being able to transfer the entire session to a collaborative partner.

How to get it and how does it work?


You can start with free 5Gb or select from a monthly subscription plan based on your needs. After you signed up, you will receive an email requesting to confirm your email. It will automatically direct you to download the latest version of the Gobbler platform of your choice, Mac or Windows versions.

Once you launch Gobbler and login, it will ask if you like to scan a drive so it can find session data. It is best to select the drive that has the music projects created by your DAW. Once the scanning process is completed, it shows you a list of the projects found in the drive and synchronizes them with your account.


How do to send or receive files?


The process of sending files is simple. You login to your account and click on “send Files” on the left corner of the send File window.

At this point it behaves like any e-mail application. You can select to a single file or multiple files at once You can choose to make your files to be available for the public to download by clicking on “make Available for Public download”.


You can add a message to the recipient with instruction for the project as well as making the download available to the public. This allows you to specify who can or cannot download the session/files.


To receive files from another user, all you do is start Gobbler and click on “Received Files” on the left side panel of the Gobbler main window. The important point here is that if you are sending files to collaborate with others, they need to have a user account with Gobbler to be able to download the files.



How to collaborate with others?

Here is a practical way to work with other using Gobbler. The first step is to backup your session using the backup feature in Gobbler. Doing this process will make the transferring easier since your files will already be in your account making the send process faster.


After sending your files, the end recipient will receive an email with instruction to download the files.


Once the attach files have been downloaded by the end recipient and new changes have been made to the project, that user will be required to do the same process as mention earlier so you can download it with the new changes. A single account allows all users have access to the files regardless of location. However, if you are not using one account, then the file will appear as a new project in each respective account.

Gobbler has become an indispensable tool for creative professionals such as John Legend, Ryan Tedder, and Chris Lake. It is the tool of choice to send, organize, backup, and transfers projects across DAW platforms. The integration of Gobbler makes it a bridge to creative minds around the world.

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