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Pro Tools 12.3.1 Install

Pro Tools 12.3.1 Update

Avid has recently released the latest update for Pro Tools, 12.3.1. This update has several bug-fixes to the Audio Engine, Video Engine, as well as various updates to Pro Tools functionality that include:

- "Commit Up to This Insert" no longer fails to trigger the Auxiliary Output Stems dialog. Using this feature on a track hosting an assigned multi-output plug-in will now cause all dependent tracks to be committed up to the same insert

  • A commit operation that would cause the maximum track count to be exceeded no longer crashes Pro Tools - instead the operation is prevented
  • Elastic Audio analysis markers are no longer locked in place in Analysis track view
  • "Copy To Send" menu is no longer missing from Pro Tools Standard (non-HD software)
  • Grid lines are now shown on tracks set to warp or analysis track views

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