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How To Set Up MIDI In Pro Tools

How To Set Up MIDI In Pro Tools

In this tutorial video, learn how-to set up MIDI to work with Pro Tools. With a few simple connections you can open up a world of music production possibilities

With the recent interest in hardware synthesizers, it is as important as ever to understand how MIDI is used to control & trigger these instruments. Regardless of your preferred DAW platform, MIDI works the same way in Pro Tools as it does in Ableton, Logic, Digital, Performer, etc... MIDI has been used in the same way for over 30 years, it's not going anywhere. It allows for endless possibilities with arrangement, control, and sound manipulation. Have you seen the recent video with Deadmau5 in his studio? MIDI galore!

Although there are many software based Virtual Instruments available, many producers and musicians also utilize hardware synthesizers due to the endless array of equipment available. Since MIDI communicates via the same cables & language for the past 30+ years, you can hook up an synth from the 80's, or 90's, the same exact way as a modern synth.

In this tutorial video, we demonstrate how to connect MIDI hardware synths, route the audio signal into Pro Tools, trigger & sequence parts to various hardware. Also, we discuss some of the differences you'll run across when dealing with various types of synths such as drum machines, rack modules, & workstations.

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