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If I need to talk to someone at Promedia Training you can use the form below or call us during business hours 9am - 8pm EST: 888-277-0457.



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Upcoming Pro Tools Workshops

Miami - Ft. Lauderdale
Jan 17-22, 2020
Pro Tools User & Operator Certification

Los Angeles
Dec 13 - 15, 2019
Pro Tools User Certification

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Promedia Training is the premier authorized Avid Pro School having certified more students in Pro Tools than any other organization preparing them for a career in audio engineering, recording, mixing and related multimedia training. Whether your a musician, singer, producers, recording engineer, or work in live sound, Promedia can help you take your Pro Tools knowledge to the next level.

We also provide on-site training for corporations and worship facilities where professionals can advance their skills while learning in their own working environment.

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