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Classroom Notes

Classroom Notes (15)

Fall Schedule Update: Pro Tools Training

We are happy to announce our updated Fall 2017 Schedule. We will be adding more course dates in both Los Angeles and Atlanta.
Learn Pro Tools in our exclusive Hands-On Training programs. From beginners to studio professionals, our training courses not only teach you how to use Pro Tools, they also qualify you to take the Avid Pro Tools Certification Exams. Give us a call today: 888-277-0457


Free Drum Loop Sample Library

Free Drum Library Sessions

In our recent article about Sampling In Pro Tools, we mentioned that one way to acquire sample and loops is to get together with some friends and record them playing their instrument. We realize this is the most abstract of all the possible ways to create your own samples, so we have done this work for you, and saved the many hours and days of time and costs.

As a newsletter subscriber of ProMedia Training, the nation's #1 largest Authorized Official Avid Pro Tools Training and Certification organization, these multi-track drum sessions are now available for FREE for your use to download, edit, and utilize for your production pleasure after being recorded in a renowned Nashville Studio. These are multi-track Live Recorded Acoustic Drums!


Pro Tools Courses At Night In New York

ProMedia is now offering registration for Evening Pro Tools Courses & Certification in New York City


Starting in September 2014, Pro Tools Courses & Certification will be offered in our Midtown Manhattan location. Classes will run over a 6 week period on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7 - 10pm. This is the perfect opportunity to take training courses over a longer period of time verses the accelerated boot-camp style workshops.

ProMedia Training's New York location has been one of the largest and longest running Authorized Avid Pro Tools Training Center's in the U.S.A. Founded by leading Audio Industry professionals, with multiple Grammy Awards and 100's of Millions of albums sold to their collective credit, ProMedia has been on the leading edge of Pro Tools Education and Certification for over 12 years. Among the many thousands of music lovers that have attended training courses, ProMedia is also the leading Professional Audio Industry resource for advanced Avid Pro Tools Certification with clients including: The Voice, CNN, Cartoon Network, MTV Networks, and many more.


Is Pro Tools Training Tax Deductible?

We get folks that ask us if ProMedia's Pro Tools training classes are tax deductible? The answer for many people is “YES!” The IRS Publication 970 states that employees and self-employed persons can deduct training costs if the workshops, seminars or courses allow individuals to improve and develop their job-related skills, especially if the employees require the training to remain in their roles. Similarly, the IRS allows self-employed workers to deduct training costs, including transportation to and from course locations, so long as the training relates specifically to their current business. Consult your CPA for details and specific allowances.

For those who want the facts, we have included a link to the IRS Publication 970 or consult your CPA.

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