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Tips and Tricks - ProMedia Pro Tools Training

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks (54)

How To Install Pro Tools First

If you are looking at getting involved with AVID Pro Tools by using the free version known as Pro Tools | First, the following tutorial videos will help you install and set up the software to get you started. Whether on a Macintosh or a Windows PC, you will learn how to get your software installed and your system optimized to start using Pro Tools.


Remixing With Pro Tools: Video Tutorials

In this video tutorial series from Avid, learn how to use the various features of Pro Tools to create a Remix of a song. Presented by Lars Kischkel, this multi-part video series covers Pro Tools workflow, shortcuts, functions, as well as Music Production tips & tricks useful for song arrangement & production. If you'd like to learn more in-depth about all of the definitions & concepts you're about to see, give us a call (888-277-0457) to schedule your Hands-On Training class.


New Features in Pro Tools 12


Avid has been on a tear lately! There have been so many new introductions to Pro Tools 12, it's hard to know where to begin. Ranging from track count enhancements, functional upgrades, and iOS apps, most of the upgrades bridge the gap between Native and HD systems, bringing the two closer together. 

First and foremost Avid has released one of their most thrilling new features in years, PT Control, an iOS app that lets you control Pro Tools functions from an iPad. Now it's no longer necessary to sit at your keyboard to control the mix features of Pro Tools. Not only does the app give you the ability to "walk around the room" and control your mix, it also supports multi-touch gesture controls of solos, mutes, pans, and automation modes. A computer mouse only supports a single-click at a time. The app also seamlessly integrates with Avid Artist Mix and S3 control surfaces, allowing users to use the two in tandem for navigation and programmable soft-keys. The app is free for iPad only (no iPhone), and requires Pro Tools 12.1 software.


How To Mic A Drum Set


Drums are often times considered the "track" that the musical "train" rides on. The drummer not only holds time for the rest of the band, but also can help change the feel of a song simply by playing a little different. Because of this, many of us have spent an extraordinary amount of time recording drums & figuring out how to get a really good "drum" sound. One such person that has mastered the art of recording drums is legendary engineer/producer Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, The Cure, and many more).


Pro Tools Drum Replacement Techniques Part 1


When recording live drums it is extremely hard to predict which particular drum sound will most compliment the other instruments in your final mix, for this reason the ability to replace or blend the original kit sounds with samples is common sound engineering practise and an effective technique to master. In the following three tutorials we will look at the various methods available in Pro Tools for replacing or sweetening the drum sounds present in your mix.


Beat Detective

Beat Detective is function of Pro Tools that can be used to extract, manipulate or correct the timing information found in either Audio or MIDI clips. When working with audio, Beat Detective can be used to slice the audio in smaller clips and reposition them in relation to the grid without applying any ‘time-stretching’ processing. This can produce more natural results than using Elastic Audio in many cases. Beat Detective works best on content that has sharp and defined transients such as drums or percussion. Beat Detective makes educated guesses when analysing the material, but it invariably needs addition user tweaking to get the best results. In the following tutorial we will take an in-depth look at how to get the most out of this exciting feature of Pro Tools.

Beat Detective can be accessed from the Pro Tools Event Menu or by using the Control 8 (PC) or Command 8 (Mac Numerical Pad) keyboard shortcuts.

The Beat Detective Window



Vocal Effects For Modern Music Production


In this tutorial, we examine ways to use effects such as Reverb and Delay processors in modern sounding vocal production,as well as example techniques to use them in a Pro Tools session. This article is the third in our series of working with vocals. Part 1, dealing with Automation for Vocals can be found HERE, and part 2, dealing with EQ, Compression, and Routing can be found HERE.


One of the final stages of a music mix is the application of effects such as reverb, delay, echo, distortion, etc... Across all genres of music, effects are used to enhance and accentuate different parts of a song and draw the listener into the mind of the artist. Listen to any modern song on the radio and you will hear a wide range of effects used in different ways and by varying degrees. This is especially true in modern Pop music (this includes all genres such as Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc...). Listen to song such as "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift, "Little Red Wagon" by Miranda Lambert, "Big Bad Wolf" by In This Moment, "Feel Right" by Mark Ronson ft. Mystikal, just about all songs in modern music, and you begin to appreciate how much these effects add to the production and musicality.