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  • There's no better way to understand the difference ProMedia Training will make for your organization than to read the experiences of other organizations ProMedia Training has trained.

"Not enough space here to write about what I liked about both (course and instructor). It will make a big difference in how I do my job.”
Joyce Meyer Ministries

"The instructor had a deep knowledge of all subject matter related to our company. The class was very valuable for me and my team."
Telemundo Networks

"The Roger Nichols class was truly a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Many times during it, I just looked down and shook my head in that "I can't believe I'm here with this guy" kinda way. The scope of his knowledge is amazing. I've loved telling my other audio geek friends about the class - and seeing the teeming jealousy in their eyes. Heh heh."
Kentucky PBS

"Even though I had significant Pro Tools experience, I'm really glad I started from the beginning and took all the courses straight through. It let me dive into the power of Pro Tools and helped me correct several bad and inefficient habits I had."
Hit Factory

"Your courses gave me great hands-on experience. I would highly recommend these courses to all organizations using Pro Tools.”
Atlanta Public School System

"ProMedia’s training was perfect for me. It was very powerful to witness the teacher’s skills and knowledge. His style of teaching is very impressive. I like that I am now part of a network of Pro Tools Pros and can get answers when I need them. It was a great experience to live with the software and nothing else for a period of time. I really came to understand how fast this technology is moving and that training is so essential for me and my Department. Thanks again."

University of Windsor- Dept. of Communications

"It was extremely advantageous for us to attend these classes. This is the kind of training that any serious professional should attend to be able to build your skills in such a short period of time."
Ocean VU Studio

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