PT 101: Pro Tools
Fundamentals I

Pro Tools 101 Introduces you to the fundamental concepts that are the building blocks for all things Pro Tools. Even if you have no prior Pro Tools experience, this course will teach you everything you need to know in order to complete a basic project from beginning to end.

Throughout the course you will learn how to: Create Sessions, Record and Edit Audio, basic MIDI Recording and Editing techniques, introduction to Mixing and Signal Flow, Keyboard Shortcuts, and much much more.



The Pro Tools 101 course takes a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of music production using Pro Tools. With no prior experience necessary, this course perfect for a beginner Pro Tools user. Learn to build sessions that include multitrack recordings of vocals, dialogue, live instruments, MIDI sequences, software synthesizers, MIDI, and audio. Through hands-on guidance by our instructors, you will develop essential skills necessary to use Pro Tools. Whatever type of audio production you are working on, Music, Post Production, Podcasts, Multi-Media, or simply a hobbyist, the PT101 Course is the cornerstone of your Pro Tools education.

Topics Covered

  • Intro to Audio concepts and terminology
  • Digital Audio Conversion
  • Computer and Audio Interfaces
  • Setting up Pro Tools
  • iLok authorizations
  • Pro Tools file structure
  • Launching Pro Tools
  • Creating Sessions / Opening Sessions
  • Pro Tools Menu structure
  • Window Management and Navigation
  • Setup and Management of Session Information
  • Creating Tracks
  • Recording Audio
  • Importaing Audio / Video Files
  • Tools and Editing
  • Recorind MIDI Data
  • Intro to Software Synthesizers
  • Using Plug-ins
  • Audio Signl Flow and Routing
  • Intro to Automation on tracks
  • Basic Mixing Concepts
  • Creating a Final Mix and Bounce 


  • NO Pro Tools Experience Necessary
  • Working knowledge of computers (Windows or Mac)
  • Basic understanding of audio concepts and music terminology

Upcoming Pro Tools Training

Live Online Instructor-Led Courses
PT 201/210 Music Production: Jan 26,27,28, Feb 2,3,4
PT 101/110 Evening: Feb 8,9,11,15,16,18,22,23
PT 101/110 Weekend: Feb 13,14,20,21,27,28
PT 101/110 Weekday: Feb 16,17,18,23,24,25
PT 201/210 Post Production: Mar 6,7,13,14,20,21
** 3-4hrs per day **6-8 Day Course
Register: 888-277-0457

Upcoming Pro Tools Training

Live Online Instructor-Led Class
PT201/210M: Jan 26,27,28, Feb 2,3,4
PT 101/110 PM:Feb 8,9,11,15,16,18,22,23
PT 101/110: Feb 13,14,20,21,27,28
PT 101/110: Feb 16,17,18,23,24,25
PT201/210P: Mar 6,7,13,14,20,21

** 3-4hrs per day **6-8 Day Course 
Register: 888-277-0457



The ability to automate plugins is one of the most powerful features in Pro Tools. Regardless of what type of plugin you're using, you can apply automation changes to every parameter of a plugin. This ability is utilized across the audio landscape, from song creation and music production, film and video post production, radio broadcast, as well as podcast production. This tutorial video shows you how easy it is to start using plugin automation in Pro Tools. These skills are also taught in great detail in our monthly live Pro Tools Certification Courses.

We at ProMedia Training, are proud to have been a part of filming this great feature segment released Jan 3, 2021 on CBS Sunday Morning, for Barry Gibb's new album, Greenfields, and new HBO documentary! Our Director of Training, Mihai Boloni was brought in to help make it happen on a few days notice. We want to thank Sir Barry, and Stephen Gibb for the opportunity.

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Promedia Training is the premier authorized Avid Pro School having certified more students in Pro Tools than any other organization preparing them for a career in audio engineering, recording, mixing and related multimedia training. Whether your a musician, singer, producers, recording engineer, or work in live sound, Promedia can help you take your Pro Tools knowledge to the next level.

We also provide on-site training for corporations and worship facilities where professionals can advance their skills while learning in their own working environment.

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